Questions on Miraikan

Q1. Can small children enjoy the museum?

Basically the target ages are for junior/high school and over, but since there are participation-based exhibits and robot demonstrations, there are visitors of pre-school age.

Q2. Can you still enjoy a visit without understanding Japanese?

The explanations for almost all the exhibits are offered both in Japanese and English.

Q3. Are there any guides?

The museum is an independent tour-based facility so each visitor can freely tour the museum. If there are any questions on the exhibits, there are science communicators and volunteers on each floor, so please contact them. They will provide detailed explanations.

Q4. In what route should we look at the exhibits?

There are no suggested routes.

Q5. How long does it take to tour the museum?

It will take about 2 hours, but it may be better to give yourself extra time if you will be enjoying the theater.

Q6. Is it possible to reenter the facility?

Yes, it is. Please have your entry ticket available to show when reentering the building.
*Reentry may not be allowed for featured events.

Q7. Are there rentals for baby strollers and wheelchairs?

Please ask staff to use them.

Q8. Is it possible to enter the museum with pets?

We are sorry but we do not allow any kind of pet in the museum. We also do not keep them so please be careful. However, assisting dogs for people with disability are allowed.

Q9. Is it OK to film or take pictures in the museum?

Yes, it is OK. However, we ask you not to photograph in some exhibits and inside the Dome Theater.

Q10. Is there a place for changing baby diapers?

You may change baby diapers at the nursing station located at the back of the café on the fifth floor, or bathrooms with a changing bed.

Information on accessibility here

Q11. Is there a place for storing items?

Please use the coin lockers on the first floor. You get your money back afterwards.

Q12. Is there a place to eat a prepared meal?

You may bring food for consumption in the designated area. Note, however, that food and beverages may not be consumed inside the exhibition floors.

Q13. Please tell me about the robot demonstrations.

・ASIMO: 11:00~11:10, 13:00~13:10, 14:00~14:10, 16:00~16:10 Please understand that there may be changes with the schedule for certain reasons.

Q14. What kind of a place is the Dome Theater?

At the Dome Theater, audiences can enjoy vivid and realistic movies on a dome-shaped screen. (Maximum capacity: 121. Entering or leaving the theater during a movie is not permitted.)

Dome Theater here

Questions on access

Q1. Are there any carparks?

There is an underground carpark with a height limit of 2.1 m and capacity of about 175 cars. Parking fees are 440 yen per hour up to a maximum of 1,650 yen for the same day. The carpark is open from 7:00 - 23:00. Please note that cars will not be able to exit the carpark after 23:00.

Q2. Could you tell me about the free shuttle bus service?

The free shuttle bus service, Bay Shuttle, connects the main facilities in Odaiba.


Questions on touring in large groups

Q1. Do you take group reservations?

Visitor parties of 8 people or more can get discounts for their admission fees regardless of whether it is a school organization or a general group. Please inquire for preliminary inspection, available material, place for lunch and other matters. Reservation in case of rain only is accepted. Always make sure to give us notice if your group is canceled.

Group reservation here