Questions on Miraikan

Q1. What kind of Science Museum is it?

Our concept is to allow people to become familiar with science through participation-based exhibits and through dialogues with scientists, engineers, science communicators and volunteers.

Q2. Can small children enjoy the museum?

Basically the target ages are for junior/high school and over, but since there are participation-based exhibits and robot demonstrations, there are visitors of pre-school age.

Q3. Can you still enjoy a visit without understanding Japanese?

The explanations for almost all the exhibits are offered both in Japanese and English.

Q4. Are there any guides?

The museum is an independent tour-based facility so each visitor can freely tour the museum. If there are any questions on the exhibits, there are science communicators and volunteers on each floor, so please contact them. They will provide detailed explanations.

Q5. In what route should we look at the exhibits?

There are no suggested routes.

Q6. How long does it take to tour the museum?

It will take about 2 hours, but it may be better to give yourself extra time if you will be enjoying the theater.

Questions on the Exhibits

Q1. Please tell me about the robot demonstrations.

・ASIMO: 11:00~11:10, 13:00~13:10, 14:00~14:10, 16:00~16:10 Please understand that there may be changes with the schedule for certain reasons.

Q2. Where can I apply for a ride on UNI-CUB?

We accept applications at the UNI-CUB Station for personal mobility experience, which is on the first floor. (A tour fee will be charged.) Please check the requirements for application, including height and weight restrictions, on the webpage below.

Personal Mobility UNI-CUB Station

Questions on Dome Theater GAIA

Q1. What kind of a place is the Dome Theater?

At the Dome Theater, audiences can enjoy vivid and realistic movies on a dome-shaped screen. (Maximum capacity: 121. Entering or leaving the theater during a movie is not permitted.) Prior reservations can be made from two weeks before the screening date.

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*From January 15 (Wed) to March 19 (Thu), 2020, the "Dome Theater" will be temporarily closed for facility maintenance.

Q2. Is there an age limit?

No particular age limit has been set. However, the Dome Theater becomes very dark during a screening, and young children may be frightened. Please note that those who cause trouble or annoyance to others around them may be asked by the staff to leave the theater.
*Baby strollers are not allowed into the theater. Please use the designated storage area for baby strollers.

Q3. Can I see more than one screening on the same day?

Yes. If you are using an online ticket, for the second screening and after, please purchase additional tickets for the Dome Theater only (310 yen/100 yen).

Q4. Can I select my seats?

When making your reservation online, you can select your preferred seat on the seat selection screen. Seat selection cannot be made if you purchase your ticket at the counter on the day of the screening.

Q5. Are wheelchairs allowed into the Dome Theater?

A maximum of two wheelchairs are allowed into the Dome Theater (charged). Reservations are accepted through the phone on a first-come-first-served basis from two weeks prior to the screening. The cut-off time is 5:00 p.m. of the day before the screening. Please come to the 7th floor 15 minutes before the screening starts. For same-day reservations, please inquire with the ticket booth outside or at the 3F information counter.

Questions on the Museum use

Q1. Are there rentals for baby strollers and wheelchairs?

Please ask staff to use them.

Q2. Is it possible to enter the museum with pets?

We are sorry but we do not allow any kind of pet in the museum. We also do not keep them so please be careful. However, assisting dogs for people with disability are allowed.

Q3. Is it OK to film or take pictures in the museum?

Yes, it is OK. However, we ask you not to photograph in some exhibits and inside the Dome Theater.

Questions on access

Q1. Are there any carparks?

There is an underground carpark with a height limit of 2.1 m and capacity of about 175 cars. Parking fees are 440 yen per hour up to a maximum of 1,650 yen for the same day. The carpark is open from 7:00 - 23:00. Please note that cars will not be able to exit the carpark after 23:00.

Q2. Could you tell me about the free shuttle bus service?

The free shuttle bus service, Bay Shuttle, connects the main facilities in Odaiba.


Questions on touring in large groups

Q1. Are group reservations only for rainy days possible?

Yes, we do take in reservations only for rainy days. However, please be sure to contact the museum for cancellations, first.

Q2. We would like to have lunch outside if the weather is nice, but are there any nice places?

There are the Symbol Promenade Park.

Q3. Are there parking spaces for buses?

There is a parking lot for buses within the museum site. It is 3,150 yen per bus (without reservation).

Q4. I would like to make a reservation for the Dome Theater.

Reservations can be made online for up to seven people each time. It is possible for the same person to make the reservations, so please use the website to make multiple bookings.