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What is AuthaGraph

This projection method transfers a 3-dimentional sphere into a 2-dimensional rectangle while maintaining areas proportions. Using this method, the “AuthaGraph world map” succeeds in transferring an image of the spherical Earth to a flat surface while evenly distributing distortion. An architect, Hajime Narukawa and his collaborators invented it in 1999.
Mercator projection created in the late 16th century, is known to exaggerate areas at higher latitude. Especially in polar region, such distortion is so big that it is difficult to figure out its original shape. Meanwhile the AuthaGraph world map is able to frame all continents and islands in a rectangle while maintaining their area ratios correctly.
Miraikan selected the AuthaGraph as a “new standard of the world map” and applies it to Geo-Palette and Geo-Scope for the “TSUNAGARI” Project.

Narukawa Hajime
Architect, born in 1971. Graduate of the Shibaura Institute of Technology and Tokyo University of Fine Arts, with a master's degree. In 1994 his "Golden Gai Theater" won the Gold Medal in the Japan Institute of Architects competition for newly graduated architects. In the same year he began his research on geometrical theory. In 1996 his "Tensegrity Modeling Manual" was awarded the Salon de Printemps Prize. He has won numerous other awards, founded AuthaGraph CO., Ltd in 2009, after working at the Arnhem Academy of Architecture, and Sasaki Structural Consultants

Characteristics of AuthaGraph World Map

The AuthaGraph world map tiles and connects multiple world maps seamlessly.

AuthaGraph world map can be tiled in any directions without visible seams. From this map-tiling, a new world map with triangular, rectangular or parallelogram’s outline can be framed out with various regions at its center. This map provides a perspective on decentralized world views. Just as the center of global politics, economy and culture is shifted and decentralized, this map tries to reflect such new global vision in the 21st century.
This tessellation maps is able as well to depict a satellite’s long term movement around the earth in a continuous line.
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