"Science + Fiction" Exhibition - Between Nano-World and Global Culture -

* This exhibition has ended.

Based on the data provided by scientists, artists produced works of art related to the latest topics in five sections of "Academic Issues and Society", "Neurology", "Nanotechnology", "Global Culture", and "Future" along with the main theme of "Hope and Imagination of Humans." In addition, featured is the unique approach of  having scientists provide data to the fictional world created by artists. With the 40th anniversary of the Volkswagen Foundation, this exhibition is planned as an experimental challenge connecting science and art and is not only shown in science museums mainly in Europe, but is also shown in art museums. Many contemporary artists, and many scientists, are involved.


December 10 (Sat.), 2005 - February 27 (Mon.), 2006
1F Event Zone, Miraikan
Admission Fees:
Adults: 900 yen, 18 years old and under: 350 yen (Permanent Exhibition can also be viewed.)
Groups (8 or more people): Adults: 800 yen, 18 years old and under: 310 yen
Members of "Friends of Miraikan": Adults: 400 yen, 18 years old and under: 150 yen (Please show your membership card.)
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation/Volkswagen Foundation
Goethe-Institut Tokyo

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