Special Exhibition "The End of the World - 73 Questions We Must Answer"

* This exhibition has ended.

"The End of the World" Exhibition Content

The End of the World Exhibition Outline

Once you step into the exhibition, questions appear one after another. As if wandering through a forest, carefully peruse the exhibition, searching for the answers within.
The exhibition is divided into four different sections.

* Unanticipated endings

Unanticipated endings

Earthquakes, typhoon, volcanoes, meteors, sickness, traffic accidents, wars, terrorism ? numerous terrors may strike unannounced, bringing an end to us. If you could know such disasters were going to strike ahead of time, would you want to? Here we will understand the limits of scientific prediction and consider how to approach uncertain risks.

Questions such as:
"What do you worry about the most in your life?"
"If you could know, would you want to know what kind of sicknesses you will come down with?"

* "My" end

Everyone is bound to pass away eventually. As the mechanisms of life are being discovered and medical technology advances, however, the concept of "living" and the boundary between life and death is changing. What makes me "me"? What defines who I am? We will broadly and earnestly question the nature and location of identity.

Questions such as:
"If you could have eternal life, would you take it?"
"What is 'living'?"

* The end of culture

The end of culture

Technological advances have greatly affected human life. Since time on earth began, humans and nature have continued their evolution uninterrupted. We will consider the nature of sustainability ? what, until when, and with whom? In a world rocked by change, we will reconsider what should be maintained.

Questions such as:
"Can we return to the lifestyle of 50 years ago?"
"Have we lost anything during our technological advances?"

* The end of the story

What does the "end of the world" mean? The universe? The earth? Your life? Or perhaps an important person or thing? This exhibition closes by reconfirming that, this instant, we are alive and the world is continuing on. The "story that begins with an end" begins now.

Questions such as:
"What 'end' entails the end of the world to you?"
"What type of future will you carve out for yourself?"

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This space allows us to write a "love letter" to those that we love, our family, our friends, those dear to us, in order to enable us to live out our time on this earth. "While I am still alive, I want to go here with you." "Before I go, I want to spend this type of time together." As if replying to the questions posed through the exhibition, we can complete our love letters by writing the answers on cards.
Venue: 1F Symbol Zone

Special Exhibition