Special Exhibition “MOVE! into the wildlife”

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©MOVE 生きものになれる展製作委員会

This special exhibition is based on the contents and worldview of the moveable illustrated encyclopedia "MOVE," which defies the conventional wisdom of illustrated encyclopedias, and allows visitors to experience, through their five senses, the resourcefulness and techniques that living things possess.

Rather than learning by observing living things, visitors go through the experience of becoming the living things themselves with the aim of understanding the ideas more clearly, and learning about biodiversity and understanding of others in a new and unprecedented way.

The joy that they feel when they have experienced what it is like to be another living thing rouses their interest in a wide range of knowledge about living things and nature, and conveys to them the fun of learning.

Key message of the exhibition: "Understand many things by stepping in the shoes of others."

All living things adapt to the environment through their own unique senses of resourcefulness and ingenuity, and in doing so, protect their own lives and continue to survive. The whimsical guises that children love, as well as their surprising habits, are all characteristics that we have acquired through a difficult process of survival, and represent ideas that have been put into practice.

"MOVE! into the wildlife" is a completely new attempt to bring the experience of "becoming another living thing" to children, so as to help them understand why other living things have chosen such unique ways of life.

On our Earth today, a rich variation of living things inhabiting a wide range of environments are creating a single system through their interlinkages, and the circulation of their lives. An experience that allows one to acquire the perspective of a different living thing draws out our respect for the natural world, and becomes an invaluable experience that facilitates an intuitive understanding of biodiversity.

We hope that this experience will encourage visitors to think about how human beings, who form a small part of this harmonious system, can evolve and continue maintaining this relationship going forward.

What is the moveable illustrated encyclopedia "MOVE"?
Kodansha's moveable illustrated encyclopedia, "MOVE," was born six years ago. In addition to providing catalog-based information through the conventional means of illustrated encyclopedias, the information is linked with powerful photographs and DVDs containing videos produced by NHK. This format stimulates the curiosity of children by surprising and inspiring them, and aims to spark their interest toward a new world. To date, Kodansha has published 15 titles including illustrated encyclopedias about living things such as animals, insects, and fish. Over the past six years, it has become a popular series with 2.5 million copies sold.



Special Exhibition "MOVE! into the wildlife"
November 29 (Wed), 2017 - April 8 (Sun), 2018
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