Special Exhibition "It's All about Money! - Confront Yourself through 10 Experiences"

* This exhibition has ended. Thank you for visiting.

"It's All about Money!" Exhibition Content

Ten Unique "Experiment Labs"

At the exhibition you will see a pseudo-town. As you enter the ten experimental laboratories scattered about in the town, you will participate in experiments in which you will be forced to make decisions in tense situations, such as bargaining with a stranger. You will see how individual actions can lead to modern societal phenomena such as bank transfer scams, or the bubble economy.

- Procedures

Each lab experiment is comprised of 3 steps.

Step 1. Just Try!
Once in the lab, participate in an experiment that will reveal your money spending habits. This is designed to be fun, like a game, but is still based on methods derived from the latest research.

Step 2. See What it Means.
The experiment results will show you your hidden behavioral or decisional "habits" (or tendencies). The conclusions are based on the latest scientific study results, and will show you how your brain and emotions respond when you spend money.

Step 3. Put to Use What You Now Know
Unbeknownst to us, our individual behavioral habits affect the various issues that ail our society today. Now that science has unlocked the truth about human traits, the question is, how do we utilize this knowledge to benefit our daily lives and society?

- A "Money Management Handbook" for your Experiment

Handbooks will be distributed at the venue. Use these handbooks by marking them with stamps or recording your experiment results. The completed handbook will become a reflection of your true self.

Special Exhibition