Earth Lounge vol. 7 'Design x Science Meeting "Earth: Materials for Design"'

* This exhibition has ended.

'Design x Science Meeting

How much are designers who create things and work with materials on a daily basis aware of the flow of time on an Earth-centric scale?
The Earth Lounge Series faces the great theme of "Earth." This time, with the title of 'Design x Science Meeting "Earth: Materials for Design,"' we will examine the communication between design and science.
Based on the theme of materials that are familiar to us such as wood, plastic, metals, this aspiring project will search for the "Correct" creation method through an exchange between scientists and designers.
The items to be exhibited as a result of the study session that has been ongoing since January, 2010, are suggestions from designers from various fields that expand to encompass the product, its color and structure as well as the mechanism of the creation. Each one of these works will become a seed that will spread to a free discussion as it surpasses existing preconceptions.

- What is Earth Lounge? -
The Earth Lounge series is based on the concept of "thinking about the Earth under the symbol exhibit Geo-Cosmos" and introduces unique projects that focus on the theme of our great planet Earth. We will present an opportunity where you can feel the existence of our planet that tends to be forgotten in our daily lives under the beautiful image of Earth projected by the spherical display "Geo-Cosmos," the symbol of Mirakan.


May 19 (Wed.) - June 7 (Mon.), 2010
1F Symbol Zone, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Opening Hours
10:00 - 17:00 (Please enter 30 min. before closing time.)
Every Tuesday
Free (However, extra charges for the Permanent Exhibition and other Special Exhibitions apply)
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Participating Scientists
Takashi Nakamura (Professor of the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University) [Metal]
Masamitsu Funaoka (Professor of Graduate School of Bioresources, Mie University) [Wood]
Toshiaki Yoshioka (Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University) [Plastic]
Participating Designers
Akihiro Kumagaya (ALEKOLE)/Jun Sato(Jun Sato Structural Design Office+Sato Lab of The University of Tokyo)/Hironao Tsuboi (Hironao Tsuboi Design)/Ryuji Nakamura (Ryuji Nakamura architects)/Hajime Narukawa (AuthaGraph Co., Ltd.)/Yuri Naruse (Associate professor of The University of Tokyo)/Jun Inokuma (Associate professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University)/Sho Nozue (Design Division of Hitachi, Ltd.)/Katsuya Fukushima (FT Architects)/Ichiro Higashiizumi (Higraph Inc.)/MILE (Bandai Matsuo/Kentaro Kai/Kozo Shimoyama)/Makoto Yamaguchi (Makoto Yamaguchi Design)
Art Direction
Asao Tokolo ( + Azumi Mitsuboshi

Special Exhibition