Earth Lounge "Sound Bum Project"

* This exhibition has ended.

Earth Lounge

New series "Earth Lounge"

The new mini-series at the Symbol Zone under Geo-Cosmos is called the "Earth Lounge." Based on the theme "Science as Culture," relaxing events such as talk sessions, exhibitions, performances, etc., will be planned at the spacious Symbol Zone. The memorable series Vol. 1 will be the traveling of sounds, "Sound Bum Project."

Why don't you come listen to the various sounds of the Earth under the Geo-Cosmos with sound travelers as your guides?

- Sound Bum Project -
Rearranged sounds from approximately 24 different areas all around the world based on location from the cities of Europe to the tropical jungle are presented. There will also be 6 types of sound such as the chirping sounds of birds in the morning, sounds within railroad stations, etc., that travel across forests and the cities all around the world. One featured area to be presented lets you listen to the live sound that introduces the current moment at a certain point on Iriomote island.

This project will be exhibited in two types of displays under Miraikan's symbol exhibit, Geo-Cosmos. At one display, visitors will listen to the sounds presented through 24 speakers set on the floor. They are encouraged to go around and listen to these speakers like bees flying from flower to flower. At the other display, visitors will sit on a couch that is set near the speakers and listen to the diverse sounds with headphones.

Also, the work sheet presented to you will assist in taking you further into the world of auditory senses and the sounds of Earth.
By sharpening your auditory senses, you might be able to open your mind to the environment, voices of earth and scenes that remain unseen. Why don't you come listen to the sounds of Earth along with the travelers of sound (Sound Bum Project) while you view the Geo-Cosmos?

Earth Lounge


October 2 (Wed.) - October 21 (Mon.), 2002
1F Symbol Zone, Miraikan
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Cooperation in Planning:
Sound Bum Project
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
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