About Project

Revealing unconscious processes of humans: Implicit processes of mind and brain underlie human intelligence and creativity. This project investigates implicit and automatic processes in human-machine and human-human interactions by measuring unconscious cognitive processes, body movements, and physiological/neural responses.

Research Director

Picture of Watanabe Katsumi

Watanabe Katsumi

Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering

Born in Niigata 1973. Katsumi Watanabe is Professor at Waseda University. He received B.A in experimental psychology and M.A. in life sciences from the University of Tokyo and his PhD in Computation and Neural Systems from California Institute of Technology.

Message from Research Director

We are interested in scientific investigations on explicit and implicit processes in human perception, cognition, action, and communication. We would like to share the wonder that our subjective experience can be investigated scientifically.