25th Japan Media Arts Festival Platform Award [Entry Period: July 1 - September 3, 2021]

Entries are now open for the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival, Festival Platform Award. This year’s event is based around concepts that use the characteristics of Miraikan’s Geo-Cosmos and Dome Theater spherical imaging systems. Award-winning entries will be screened at the Media Arts Festival's film exhibition.

Note: The Festival Platform Awards are open to public participation. New exhibition proposals utilize the characteristics of facilities and equipment owned by groups that collaborate with the festival. Awards are presented to the most outstanding works.

Two spherical imaging systems

Miraikan has been working to develop visual methods of expression using spherical objects. In 2019, Miraikan began collaborating with the Agency for Cultural Affairs to solicit entries that use spheres as a form of expression. Entries can use the museum's symbolic Geo-Cosmos exhibit (a spherical display) or Dome Theater GAIA (a full-height, three-dimensional video system).

How to Apply

Sharing a New World: Reflecting the Current State of Our World

While facing various challenges in modern society, all humans who exist today are sharing a common point in time, like the crew of the same ship. We welcome amazing works that will allow viewers to intimately feel the connection between the world and themselves by realistically depicting the current state of the world as it takes the first steps toward a sustainable future. We encourage you to take advantage of the defining characteristic of the displays of the Miraikan—their spherical shape—to depict the world that unfolds around us without dividing it into sections, and to pioneer the expression of new viewpoints that change our global awareness.


Geo-Cosmos Category

For this category, we solicit video works and application programs designed for screening and viewing from multiple viewpoints on Geo-Cosmos, the signature exhibition of Miraikan. Entries may be either proposals, unfinished works, or already completed works.

新しいウィンドウを開きますYou can see the works that the past Geo-Cosmos Content Contest organized by Miraikan

Dome Theater Category

For this category, we solicit video works and application programs designed for screening in Dome Theater GAIA at Miraikan. Entries may be either proposals, unfinished works, or already completed works.

What is Dome Theater GAIA?
Dome Theater GAIA is a spherical video system that can project full-dome images in 4K resolution in both 2D and 3D onto a dome-shaped screen with a diameter of 15.24 m and 23° angle of inclination.

Entry Period

Thursday, July 1 - Friday, September 3, 2021 (18:00 Japan Standard Time)


Festival Platform Award

Geo-Cosmos Category: Certificate, trophy, 500,000 Japanese yen

Dome Theater Category: Certificate, trophy, 500,000 Japanese yen

Screening Criteria

Concept: Does the work capture and incorporate the video image concept?

Expression: Is the video expression polished and aesthetically pleasing?

Technology: Does the work account for the respective characteristics of Geo-Cosmos or the Dome Theater?

Originality: Does the work incorporate the artist’s distinct viewpoint in an appealing way?

Viability: Can the work be completed in a manner suited to the designated format?

How to Enter

Please refer to the Japan Media Arts Festival website for more information on the application process.

新しいウィンドウを開きますHow to enter for the Japan Media Arts Festival Platform Award


25th Japan Media Arts Festival Contest Office


新しいウィンドウを開きますAbout Japan Media Arts Festival Contest

The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts (Media Geijutsu in Japanese) that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media – from animation and comics to media art and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. It also provides a platform for appreciation of the award-winning and other notable works. Since its start in 1997, the festival has recognized significant works of high artistry and creativity, and in addition to a yearly Exhibition of Award-winning Works, has held other events, such as symposiums, screenings, and showcases.

The 24th Festival received 3,693 entries from 103 countries and regions around the world, demonstrating its continuing evolution as an established annual international festival. Award-winning Works are exhibited both within Japan and abroad through various projects and events organized by The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan which aims to develop and promote the creation of Media Arts, focusing on the new generation.