"Making of Tokyo Skytree (R)" Exhibition (panel version) to be held in Hokkaido Prefecture

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KITAcolor venue

The "Making of Tokyo Skytree (R)" exhibition, which was held at Miraikan from June to December 2011, will open in Hokkaido (panel version).

Exhibition Outline

(1) KITAcolor (1-6, Chuo 3-chome, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido 097-0022)
(2) Goryokaku Tower (43-9 Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 040-0001)
(3) Nakashibetsu General Cultural Center "Shirubetto" (1-1, Nakashibetsu-cho Higashi 2-jyo Minami 3-chome, 086-1002)

(1) September 9 - 15
(2) September 28 - 29
(3) October 3 - 6
*Please note that the term of the exhibition is subject to change. Please inquire with each venue for further details.

Organizer: Hokkaido Institute of Architects and Building Engineers, Soya Branch
Planning and production: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), NHK Enterprises, Inc.
Special support: Obayashi Corporation, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
In special association with: Tobu Railway Co., Ltd., Tobu Tower Skytree Co., Ltd.

The Purpose of this Exhibition

The building of the Tokyo Sky Tree(R) was a historic construction project、referred to by some as the greatest such project of the century. In order to convey the real picture of this project、those who designed and built the Tokyo Sky Tree participated in the planning of this exhibit、endowing it with passionate messages from the work site、valuable video recordings and other materials. Come and see the refined and comprehensive manufacturing culture and power that Japan is so proud of、including the trial and error process for the planning、design and construction phases、as well as the cutting-edge techniques and technology that were crucial for the actual construction.
*This exhibition will not be showing any moving images.