"IT'S A TASTY WORLD - FOOD SCIENCE NOW!" to be held in Himeji City Science Museum (March 8 (Fri.) -April 7 (Sun.), 2013)

himeji city science Museum

"IT'S A TASTY WORLD - FOOD SCIENCE NOW!" has toured within and outside Japan, to the prefectures of Saga, Shizuoka, and Hokkaido in Japan, as well as to Hong Kong and the Netherlands. This time, the exhibition will be held in the Himeji City Science Museum.

- Exhibition Outline -
Venue: Himeji City Science Museum
Date: March 8 (Fri.) -April 7 (Sun.), 2013
Organizer: Himeji City Science Museum
Planning and production: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

[MENU 1] What does "deliciousness" mean?
The chocolate that melts in our mouths... We reveal the astonishing secrets hidden in these tiny pieces of tantalizing treats

[MENU 2]Delicious for everyone!
What journeys do foods take before arriving at our dining tables?

[MENU 3] Delicious forever...
How is space food made?

[MENU 4] What is the next "delicious"?
What journeys do foods take before arriving at our dining tables?

[MENU 5] After eating deliciously
How do we use food products without wasting any of it?
How can food waste be converted into fuel?

[MENU 6] Is it really "delicious" ?
What is good or bad for your body...? There are all kinds of rumors abound.

- The Purpose of This Special Exhibition -
Food is such an intrinsic part of our everyday lives, but how much do we really know about it, and are we making the right choices? In this interactive exhibition, cutting-edge science and technology will answer the numerous questions we have about our diet today. Participants will learn about the mechanisms of taste, self-sufficiency issues, nutritional balance, and mass production technologies used to provide food for the masses of people around the world.