"Exploration of Time" Exhibition to be Held in Ishikawa Prefecture [October 29 (Sat.) - October 30 (Sun.), 2011]

Exploration of Time
Exploration of Time
Exploration of Time

The "Exploration of Time" Exhibition that has been circulating around Japan and overseas to date will be displayed at Ishikawa Yume Miraihaku 2011. Ishikawa Yume Miraihaku 2011 is an event that introduces cutting-edge technology in an easy to understand manner in the aim of creating a comfortable and prosperous future. During the event various workshops will be held that will allow everyone from adults to children to witness, touch, and experience scientific technology.

- Exhibition Outline -
Venue: Ishikawa Prefecture Industrial Exhibition Center (Building No. 1)
Term of Exhibition: October 29 (Sat.) - October 30 (Sun.), 2011
Sponsor: Ishikawa Yume Miraihaku Executive Committee, The Hokkoku Shimbun
Exhibition Production: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

- Purpose of the Exhibition -
This is an exhibition that will take visitors on a "journey" through the world of various different types of "time" as perceived scientifically. We will newly reconceptualize the "time" that we ordinarily experience nonchalantly by breaking away from the human perspectives and technology built by humans to measure time (clocks), and consider the "time" that is present in things like the universe, the Earth, life, and matter. We have achieved a unique exhibition with the cooperation of the Research Institute for Time Studies of Yamaguchi University, which is comprised of researchers in a variety of different fields, and through collaborations with noteworthy young artists, musicians, and more.