"It's a Tasty World - Food Science, Now!" Exhibition will be Held at City of Hakodate [August 21 (Sat.) - August 29 (Sun.), 2010]

'It's a Tasty World - Food Science, Now! 1
'It's a Tasty World - Food Science, Now! 2

The "Hakodate International Science Festival" is an international science festival held by the citizens of Hakodate.
Since 2009, which was the 150th anniversary since the opening of Hakodate port, every summer various science events such as experiment class, science shows, lectures and exhibitions have been held at various areas.
This summer, which will be its 2nd time, based on the theme of "think about the future of food from Hakodate," 24 programs by exhibitions and presentations from inside and outside of Hakodate will take place.

- Event Outline -
Venue: Hakodate Community Design Center
Term: August 21 (Sat.) - August 29 (Sun.), 2010
Organizer: Science Support Hakodate
Planning and Production: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

- The Purpose of this Special Exhibition -
How correct is our knowledge and our selection of food as they relate to "our diet" which is so closely related to a healthy life? Do we have knowledge about the mechanism of tasting, food preservation technology, mass production technology to cope with the world-wide increase in population, and the problem of BSE (mad cow disease)? From the standpoint of cutting-edge science and technology, we will look at a range of questions and problems related to human consumption of food through hands-on exhibits.