"Your Future, Your Future Self - A journey into picture books with Satoshi Kako" will be Held at the BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI [July 30 (Fri.) - August 13 (Fri.), 2010]


"Your Future, Your Future Self - A journey into picture books with Satoshi Kako" which was held at the National Musuem of Emerging Science and Innovation from March 20 through May 10, 2010, will be held at the BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI in Tottori City. The Bird Theatre Company is a theater that was renovated from a kindergarten and elementary school that closed in 2006. Currently, creation and performance of modern theater arts are taking place. Lectures, workshops and the presentation of fine production shows are also taking place.

- Event Outline -
Venue: BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI (Tottori City)
Term: July 30 (Fri.) - August 13 (Fri.), 2010 * Closed on August 9 (Mon.)
Organizer: NPO BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI
Co-host: Warabekan
In association with: Tottori Prefecture/ Tottori Prefecture Board of Education/Tottori City/Tottori City Board of Education/Shikanocho Chuo Community Center/Shikano district Community Center/Katsuya District Community Center/Kowashigawa District Community Center/Tottori University Art Center/NPO Inshu Shikano Machidzukuri Council/Shin-Nihonkai Shimbun/Furusato Shikano Co., Ltd.
Aid: The Saison Foundation/Asahi Beer Arts Foundation/Gogin Tottori Foundation for Cultural Promotion/Fukutake Foundation for the Promotion of Regional Culture/EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee
Planning and Production: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Advisor: Satoshi Kako

- The Purpose of this Special Exhibition -
This is a Special Exhibition that will provide all generations with the opportunity to discuss our future as we welcome Mr. Satotshi Kako as our adviser. Mr. Kako has conveyed scientific concepts through his picture books for 50 years. As we focus on his visionary views of science, we will introduce the future vision of cutting-edge science through vivid graphics. It will give us the chance to think about how we should live in this, the 21st century.