"Exploration of Time" Exhibition will be Held in Chiba. [(February 26 (Fri.) - April 4 (Sun.), 2010]


The "Exploration of Time" exhibition, which has traveled domestically and internationally in places such as Akashi, Yamaguchi, Saga and Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, is currently open at the Chiba City Museum of Science.
The Chiba City Museum of Science is located inside the "Qiball" complex facility.
We welcome you to this hands-on science museum that can be enjoyed by all from children to adults as the museum presents science from a daily point of view.

<Event Outline>
Venue: Chiba City Museum of Science
Term: February 26 (Fri.) - April 4 (Sun.), 2010
Organizer: Chiba City Museum of Science
Planning and Production: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

The Purpose of this Special Exhibition
As we "travel" the world of "time," viewed scientifically, we aim to capture the concept of "Time" as it is dealt with subconsciously in our daily lives. "Time" is difficult to establish as a firm research area even though, as a concept and in reality, it surpasses the framework of human science and natural sciences. The uniformity of Time is something that cannot be quickened: truly, Time is also something that cannot be regained once it has passed. In this exhibition, through new scientific facts, we will question the common perception of Time. We will freely think of "Time" from various perspectives as we will not limit ourselves to only scientific conceptualizations.