Miraikan is cooperating in the science goods design class of the Tokyo Polytechnic University.

A science communicator of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation will work as a special lecturer for design exercises of the faculty of design of Tokyo Polytechnic University.

In this design exercise class which promotes science goods, a Miraikan science communicator will participate as a special instructor and will suggest materials created with the latest technology and topics of latest science. The students will each plan goods that reflect each theme under the guidance of Associate Professor Atsushi Kasao.

At Miraikan, the science goods, "Illusory Mug," that was jointly developed with the students of Tokyo Polytechnic University in June 2008, has been produced and sold. We will further think about the possibility of merchandising goods. Please look forward to the development of science goods from the unique ideas of the students of Tokyo Polytechnic University.