Scientific content that allows you to learn while having fun online

To prevent infection and stop the spread of the new strain of coronavirus, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is temporarily closed until further notice. To help you and your family experience and enjoy science, we are introducing a variety of online science content.

Video content (animation)

Animated program: Encounter with Earth

A certain substance circulates amongst all life on Earth, connecting us. This is a story of the search for the identity of this substance.

"Unfathomable Counting Methods" Time with Class! Let's Count!

With only a small increase in what we are counting, the number of combinations increases tremendously. This is known as a "combinational explosion." The video narrates the difficulty the teacher and children have in actually counting them.

Nippon Future Stories "Detective HANA (Nose)

Detective HANA suffers from hay fever and an allergy to shellfish--what is the ground-breaking medicine that he has encountered? This video introduces the mechanisms behind allergies and research that is developing more effective medicines.

Nippon Future Stories "Influenza and the sumo wrestler"

A sumo fantasy story that shows the long, hard match fought between Tanikaze the sumo wrestler and influenza. It explains how the influenza virus works and introduces research that is developing medicine.

Nippon Future Stories "Fill's House"

Could there be a future in which there are wearable computers that people stick to their skin? This sitcom shows us the everyday life of a much-loved dog who wears a "body sensing suit for dogs," and his family.

Research collaboration


This NAOJ Citizen Science Project is driving cooperative research between citizens and astronomers. It is discovering and classifying the shapes of colliding galaxies based on images of space captured with the Subaru Telescope. You can support astronomical research from your own home (Design cooperation: Miraikan).