Miraikan developed and are sharing the materials of new SDGs workshop "Steer Towards the Future!".

We developed and are sharing an original SDGs workshop, "Steer Towards the Future!"
This workshop is for school students (10-18 years old) to learn how to achieve a sustainable, global society with other countries. Players will be divided into 5 groups (virtual countries), and try to protect their own country, as leaders, from hazardous events related to Climate Change. Players will experience the importance of "Partnerships", which is essential to achieve the SDGs.

The materials we will share are:
・Slides data(PowerPoint)
・Game boards (pdf data)
・Guidebook for facilitators (pdf data)

If you are interested in this workshop, let us know from the address below. All materials for this workshop are FREE. We hope this workshop will be conducted in a wide variety of locales.

Playing time: 90min.
Recommend ages: From 10 years old to adult (main target is 10 to 18 years of age)
Situations: Class in schools, colleges, Science center, Public lecture, Science café, or the Office training.

Sample of slides[PDF]


You can use all materials in accordance with the Site policy.

How to get materials

Please contact us at the address below with
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(Information release date: January 9, 2020)