"Planetary Exploration on the Earth" - new "Voyager" content on Google Earth created by Miraikan

How unique is the Earth's environment? Explore some of the features that the Earth share with other bodies of the Solar System.

The Earth displays many interesting features. There are seas, rivers, mountains, continents and others; it has atmosphere and contains water. But do these features make the Earth unique in the Solar System?
By using telescopes and planetary probes, researchers have gathered plenty of evidence that other members of the Solar System have many features similar to those on Earth.

The new content introduces the Earth as one of the bodies of the Solar System, and by comparing its environment and geographical features to those of other bodies of the system, presents a unique perspective on the planet. The content provide users with rich hands-on experience that goes beyond mere seeing or reading the presented information.

The content will be available in 8 languages (presently available in Japanese and English) so that people all over the world can enjoy the experience of exploring the Earth from a new perspective proposed by Miraikan.


New "Voyager" content on Google Earth, "Planetary Exploration on the Earth"

Launch date; 15th Nov. 2017
Developed by; Miraikan、Google
Platform; Google Earth
URL; https://earth.app.goo.gl/cgKT

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