Laboratory for New Media's 16th Exhibition - "Robot Chat Room" opens on July 13 (Wed)

You have slipped by yourself into a room where robots are chatting among themselves. Let's try to join in their conversation. Can you mingle in without resistance? Are you hesitant and abashed? Or do you feel strange and uncomfortable?

In the 16th exhibition "Robot Chat Room", visitors can experience communicating with conversational robots. The exhibition is presented by the JST ERATO "ISHIGURO Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction Project," which conducts research on natural dialogue between humans and robots. It places the emphasis on creating an adequate sense of conversation (the feeling that one is participating in the conversation) for humans. The observed experiences that people have in communicating with robots, as well as the feedback received, are utilized in research aimed at developing a society where humans can enjoy friendly relations with robots.

The Laboratory for New Media 16th Exhibition

"Robot Chat Room"
July 13(Wed), 2016 - October 10(Mon), 2016


Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Ph.D. (Eng.)
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University Project Coordinator and Group Leader of Autonomous Robot Research Group, JST ERATO Ishiguro Human-Robot Symbiotic Interaction Project


Laboratory for New Media