Judges for the Geo-Cosmos Content Contest Announced, Including Jeff Mills, Koichiro Tsujikawa and Toshiyuki Inoko/ Application Period will be extended to August 18, 2014 (Mon.)

Toshiyuki Inoko Ingo Günther @2009_Elias Hassos Jeff Mills Photo by Ryu Kasai Yoshikatsu Date Koichiro Tsujikawa Tota Hasegawa Mamoru Mohri

Miraikan will hold the Geo-Cosmos Content Contest. Miraikan started to accept applications for contents of the Geo-Cosmos from June 1, 2014 (Sun). The contest will be held with the aim to pioneer new possibilities of visual expression on this spherical display. With a view to building a new connection between people through content creation, Miraikan will call for proposals, from people in various fields, for new content that takes up the challenge of yet-unknown visual expression.
Miraikan announces the judges as well as the extension of the application period for the contest as described below. We hope that a lot more people will enter this contest.

Extension of the application period

The application period has been extended to August 18, 2014 (Mon).

Judges for the preliminary contest

Nobuaki Abe (Movie Director, Quality eXperience Design Co., Ltd.)
Yoshikatsu Date (Exective Producer, NHK Enterprises, Inc.)
Koichiro Tsujikawa (Graphic designer/video artist)
Tsuyoshi Hotta (President & CEO, GO AND PARTNERS, INC.)

Judges for the main contest

Toshiyuki Inoko (CEO, teamLab Inc.)
Ingo Günther (Media artist)
Jeff Mills (DJ/Techno Producer)
Yoshikatsu Date (Exective Producer, NHK Enterprises, Inc.)
Koichiro Tsujikawa (Graphic designer/video artist)
Tota Hasegawa (Creative Executive Director, Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo)
Mamoru Mohri (Chief Executive Director, Miraikan)

Outline of the contest

General description:
Miraikan will seek original contents of about 15 seconds in length based on the theme of "TSUNAGARI (=connection)" between the earth, humans, life and the future, to pioneer a new possibility for the Geo-Cosmos.

Application deadline June 1, 2014 (Sun.)-August 18, 2014 (Mon.)
Main screening/award-giving: October 23, 2014 (Thu.)

Application method:
Online application through the entry form on the website or application by mail


Theme of creation:
Contents must be based on the theme of "connection" in any one of the following combinations.
Human × Human / Life × Life / Human × Future / Human × Earth / Earth × Future

The judges will evaluate submitted works in the preliminary and main contests. The works that pass the preliminary contest will be actually produced as content to be projected on the Geo-Cosmos.
(Production and transfer costs will be paid by Miraikan.)
In the main contest, the judges will observe the projected work and select award winners. The announcement of results and award giving will be conducted immediately.

First Prize: 1 / Winning award about: 5 / Special awards ,etc

he works that proceed to the main contest will be exhibited at the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2014 (October 23-26, 2014) and will be used as permanent contents of Miraikan.

Miraikan / Digital Content Association of Japan