The "TSUNAGARI" Project Appears at an Exhibition in Switzerland

A scene from the exhibition

L'ORACLE DU PAPILLO, an exhibition now being held in Fribourg, Switzerland, has on display three tools developed under the "TSUNAGARI" project by Miraikan (namely Geo-Cosmos, Geo-Scope and Geo-Palette) and the AuthaGraph World Map used in the project, under the title of "Tsunagari."

The "TSUNAGARI" project endeavors to lead other science museums and research institutions and deliver contents that contribute to a better understanding of the Earth by connecting and sharing with the world the three tools under the project, which are Geo-Cosmos, a globe-like display; Geo-Scope, an interactive screen that allows access to Earth observation data; and Geo-Palette, an online map creation service.

At L'ORACLE DU PAPILLON, these three tools and the AuthaGraph World Map adopted by them are exhibited under the title of "Tsunagari"
Starting with the participation in said exhibition, Miraikan plans to expand its activities under the "TSUNAGARI" project all around the world.

Objective of the Exhibition

L'ORACLE DU PAPILLON aims to deepen the concept of global and regional sustainability. Institutions from various countries including Miraikan cooperate with and participate in this exhibition to offer visitors an opportunity to think about sustainability through their experience at interactive exhibitions and workshops. The exhibition helps each individual visitor to think about environmental issues such as CO2 emissions, energy use and green energy.

About the Exhibition

Venue: blueFactory technology park
Passage du Cardinal 1, CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Period: March 21, 2014 - November 2, 2014
Organizer/planning/production: Fondation Petite Cause Grands Effects (Bif Effects)