"Songs of ANAGURA" Won 2014 ASPAC Creative Award

The 14th annual conference of the Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC) was held in Brunei during May 5-8, 2014, stimulating active discussions and exchanges as in the previous year.

At the annual conference, ASPAC presents awards for outstanding exhibitions and activities by the member science centers and museums. The executive council members of ASPAC select award winners by evaluating the entries submitted by the ASPAC members. Miraikan submitted "Songs of ANAGURA - Missing Researchers and Their Remaining Devices," which is a permanent exhibition displayed on the third floor of Miraikan, and won the Creative Science Exhibit Award. ASPAC chose three winners each for the Creative Science Communication Award and Creative Science Exhibit Award.

"Songs of ANAGURA" is an interactive exhibition featuring spatial information science. Spatial information science brings about scientific technologies to support our lives by analyzing the positions and movements of people and materials in real space and adopting the results for future prediction. "Songs of ANAGURA" expresses spatial information, including the position and movement of a visitor, in the form of movie projection on the floor and walls. At the last stage of the experience at this exhibition, visitors can hear an enjoyable song and see a scene where such spatial information related to them contributes to the good of society.

We hope you too will enjoy the award-winning exhibition "Songs of ANAGURA" at Miraikan.

Award ceremony at ASPAC 2014

 Permanent exhibition Songs of ANAGURA