The Number of Miraikan Visitors Reaches 9 Million People on September 5 (Thu.)!

20130905_01_01.jpgSince Miraikan opened its doors in 2001, it has received 9 million visitors as of September 5 (Thu.), 2013. A ceremony was held to commemorate this momentous occasion.

The 9 millionth visitor was Jun Sato (33 years old) from Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture.
At the commemorative ceremony, Miraikan's Chief Executive Director Dr. Mohri presented a Certificate of Museum Visit and a bouquet of flowers to the 9 millionth visitor. He also gave the visitor an autographed copy of his book, and a miniature plastic model of the Thunderbird from the special exhibition that is currently being held, "Thunderbirds Expo - Special-effects of the Century Depict our Future"

Mrs. Sato was on her first visit to Miraikan. She had come to Tokyo for a night's stay with her husband, and decided to visit the museum after reading a review about Miraikan's planetarium in a magazine. The couple belonged to the generation that had watched television reports about Dr. Mohri's expedition to space in a space shuttle (1992). Although they seemed a bit nervous during the ceremony, they expressed their excitement at meeting Dr. Mohri in person, and commented that he looked the same as before. Dr. Mohri congratulated the 9 millionth  visitor, and encouraged them to visit again with the goal of becoming the 10 millionth visitor.