Release of New Contents for the "TSUNAGARI" Project Starting March 22 (Fri.)

The "TSUNAGARI" Project aims to contribute to greater knowledge about the Earth, and about ourselves, and to build a better vision for our future. As part of this project, we will release two new items starting from March 22 (Fri.).

Public screening of new program "Trajectory - The Movements" under Miraikan's symbol exhibit, Geo-Cosmos, starting March 22 (Fri.)

Air routes
Air routes (Data source: Toriumi Lab., Chuo University)

Based on the "Human Activities and Changes in Earth View," this screening traces the trajectory of human history through various forms of data related to the concept of "movement." This includes information on the continental drift that started approximately 600 million years ago, the great migrations of human beings that started approximately 200,000 years ago, antique maps, modern roads, shipping routes, railways, air routes, as well as the International Space Station (ISS) and GPS.

The Geo-Cosmos exhibit was renewed in 2011, which enabled it to present programs on an organic EL panel at ultra-high resolution exceeding 10 million pixels. In order to fully explore the potential of this technology, a competition was held to seek proposals for the inaugural program to be screened in the renewed Geo-Cosmos facility. The selected proposal is a work produced by film production maker OMNIBUS JAPAN (Directed by Shinichi Yamamoto). The work is a presentation of audio effects synchronized with high-quality CG images developed through a wealth of experience in the production of various commercials, films, and event videos. The narrative style creates the effect that Geo-Cosmos is addressing the audience directly, while the film takes up the challenge of presenting spherical images that appeal to the emotions and sensitivity of the audience. We look forward to bringing you a new audio-visual experience that only Geo-Cosmos is capable of providing!

Director: Shinichi Yamamoto
Music: ICE [Intercity-Express]
Sound system design: Go and Partners, Inc.
Data: Toriumi Lab. of Chuo University, Kobe City Museum, University of Oxford
Cooperation on data production: AuthaGraph Co., Ltd.
Planning, production, and copyright: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

time: 10:30 -, 14:30 - (Approx. 10 minutes)
Venue: 1F Symbol Zone

The Music Filling the Geo-Cosmos Space
Geo-Sound by Jeff Mills "Inner Cosmos Soundtrack"

Jeff Mills (Credits: Ryu Kasai)
Jeff Mills (Credits: Ryu Kasai)

The music that fills the Geo-Cosmos space, produced by world-renowned techno-producer and DJ, Jeff Mills, will be released to the public starting March 22 (Fri.)

Jeff Mills has pursued a musical expression based on the theme of space. For this project, he has taken the space experience of Chief Executive Director Mamoru Mohri and applied the concept of the "TSUNAGARI" (linkage) between space, the Earth, and mankind to produce a soundtrack for the audience to view the Earth. This is the first time that Jeff Mills has produced music for regular playback at a facility such as a museum.
Experience for yourself the subtle changes in the music that correspond to the time and day of your visit.

Concept design, composer: Jeff Mills
Audio design: Go and Partners, Inc., Synetics Ltd.

*Visitors are free to experience the music during Miraikan's opening hours (10:00 - 17:00).

Venue: Oval bridge