Permanent Exhibition "Songs of ANAGURA: Missing Researchers and Their Remaining Devices" Receives the Excellence Award in the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival


The permanent exhibition located on the 3rd floor of the Museum, titled "Songs of ANAGURA: Missing Researchers and Their Remaining Devices," received the Excellence Award in the Entertainment Division of the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival (2011), which commends outstanding works in the field of media arts.

"Songs of ANAGURA" is an experiential exhibit based on the theme of spatial information science. Spatial information science is a form of scientific technology that analyzes the position and movement of people and objects in real space, and which provides support for our lives through the use of future predictions. In "Songs of ANAGURA," location and movement information is represented as images reflected on the floors and walls. Information on the location and movement of the subject participating in the work is captured as useful information for society; this information becomes a "song" that can be actually experienced as a form of entertainment for people.

In order to simplify spatial information, which is not a visible form of information, the exhibition experience was imbued with a bold sense of story. The fresh and novel technique of incorporating knowledge from game production was highly appraised, and the work was commended as one that had "significantly surpassed the margins set by past museum exhibits" (extracted from the justification for commendation).

Do make use of this opportunity to experience the world of spatial information science while enjoying elements of media art.