"Colors of the Dark" Special Showing

Courtesy of P.I.C.S.

The musician Rei Harakami passed away suddenly this past July 27. Harakami had produced the music for the "Colors of the Dark" planetarium program at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in 2005. To honor the memory of the departed, we will be holding special showings of "Colors of the Dark" in the Dome Theater GAIA lasting from September 1 (Thur.) to December 5(Mon.). We invite you to view realistically portrayed starry skies projected by MEGASTAR and images of space illuminated by scientific observations, accompanied by the delicate sounds of Rei Harakami, which have been likened to a watercolor painting.

As we mourn the passing of the departed, we wish to express our deepest condolences and offer our heartfelt hopes that he rests in peace.

Planetarium work "Colors of the Dark"

The theme is "the invisible."
After gazing at the starry sky projected by MEGASTAR, allow yourself to focus on the "darkness" in which you can't see anything at all. But if you were to adopt an astronomical perspective and look at the night sky again, you would see that the darkness is filled with a whole host of things that include infrared rays, electromagnetic waves, X-rays, and more. Even if we could see all of this, what we would be looking at would be no more than a mere fraction of the universe in its entirety. Through scientific approaches that attempt to see the invisible through a variety of different techniques, we should be able to get a feel for the connection between astronomy and elementary particle physics, as well as for the presence of the "invisible" throughout our everyday lives.
(Produced in 2005 / Running time: About 30 minutes)

Music by: Rei Harakami
Poetry by: Shuntaro Tanikawa
Narrated by: Ikuko Harada
Edited by: Takayuki Ohira (Ohiragiken), Jun Fukue (Osaka Kyoiku University)
Production and copyright: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

* We will be showing an original work produced in 2005. Please note in advance that since the contents of the narration, images and other displays, data related to the production, and so on found in the program were from the time when it was produced, it may contain information or representations which differ from present conditions.

* While the special showing lasts, "Tender is the Night," which had been scheduled to play starting at 14:00 on weekends and holidays, will be suspended (the 12:00 "Tender is the Night" will be shown as scheduled).

Term: September 1 (Thur.) - December 5(Mon.), 2011
Running Time: Weekdays from 15:00, weekends and holidays from 14:00 (about 30 minutes)
Venue: Dome Theater GAIA, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 6F
Capacity: 112 seats for each showing
Participation Fee: Admission fee only
How to Participate: Dome Theater attendance is based on reservation. Please pick up a reservation ticket on the 1F after purchasing your admission ticket. Tickets will be available from the opening time of 10:00 and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. These tickets are valid only for the day of issue and one reservation ticket will be issued for each admission ticket. On weekends and holidays one person can only make a reservation for one showing.
Contact: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Tel: 03-3570-9151 (Main)