Starting August 21st, two permanent exhibitions have been newly installed. These are "Lifestyle 2050" and "Songs of ANAGURA."

Starting August 21st、two permanent exhibitions have been newly installed. These are "Lifestyle 2050" and "Songs of ANAGURA."

"Lifestyle 2050"

Lifestyle 2050

The concept of the exhibition is "The future created by each individual's wishes." It aims to explore a lifestyle that will enable a sustainable society、and to define the technologies needed to realize one.

On the exhibition floor is a model of "Itookashi-City、" an imaginary city in 2050. Through a scope、you are able to take a peek into the lifestyles and the stories of the 60 dwellers that populate the city.

The exhibition was constructed by a group of 40 researchers specializing in a variety of fields such as urban environment、biotechnology、and material science. We live under one common condition、and that is "there is only one Earth." Lifestyle 2050 offers some hints from a science and technology perspective as to how to realize our wish to "live better lives" on this single planet.

3F. Innovation and the Future

"Songs of ANAGURA -Missing Researchers & their remaining Devices"

Songs of ANAGURA - The Lost Scientist and Remaining Devices

An interactive exhibition which teaches us about spatial information science. In the not-so-distant future, our simplest movements, such as sitting and walking, will be measured by sensors and analyzed. The data will become useful in preventing lifestyle-related diseases, etc.

The exhibition presents an "ANAGURA," a space in which your movements and biological information will be processed to produce images and "Songs". You will be able to see how your individual "assets" can be put to use.

Once you set foot in the "ANAGURA," you will see a shadow-like character named "ME" at your feet. Everything you do in the ANAGURA will be stored as data, which will in turn, trigger changes in your "ME." The scientists have left 5 "devices" in the ANAGURA. Once you've interacted with the devices, your information will be formed into a "Songs" that will echo through the ANAGURA.

3F. Information Science and Technology for Society