Useful Kits on Sale for Summer Science Projects!

Ferro Fluid Kit
Ferro Fluid Kit
DNA Extraction Kit
DNA Extraction Kit
Magnesium Fuel Cell Car
Magnesium Fuel Cell Car
Microbial Fuel Cell
Microbial Fuel Cell

Useful science kits for summer science projects are on sale at the Miraikan. Numerous kits for various fields of study, such as the "DNA Extraction Kit" you can use on everyday food, the "Magnesium Fuel Cell Car" kit which runs on salt water, and the "Microbial Fuel Cell" kit which can generate electricity from microorganisms. Have a fun summer with the experiment kit of your choice!

1. Ferro Fluid Kit - 1,260 yen
Fascinating magnetic fluid which changes shape when holding a magnet against it.

2. DNA Extraction Kit - 1,500 yen
Extract DNA from food you have every day. An original kit from Miraikan.
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3. Fluorescent Rock Kit - 840 yen
Authentic fluorescent rocks with ultraviolet flashlight.

4. Water Lab - 1,100 yen
Turn dirty water into clean water with 3 experiments.

5. Magnesium Fuel Cell Car - 1,260 yen
Assembly kit for a toy car that runs on salt water.

[Staff Recommendations]
Fruit-Generated Robowatch Experiment Kit - 2,310 yen
Electricity is generated by sticking the copper and zinc plates into fruit. A robot-shaped clock with a liquid crystal display.

Microbial Fuel Cell - 8,925 yen
A battery kit that lights up with the electric energy emitted from the microorganisms inside!

How to Purchase
The products are available for sale in the "Miraikan Shop" in the Miraikan.

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