Bento meals provided by restaurants, cafes, and fast food shops.

During summer vacation, bento meals will be sold on the following days:

August 6 (Sat.), 7 (Sun.), 13 (Sat.), 14 (Sun.), 15 (Mon.), 20 (Sat.), 21 (Sun.), 27 (Sat.), 28 (Sun.)
From 11:00. Available until all are sold out.
W Dog Box Bento (hot dog, fried chicken, French fries) with juice box: 600 yen
Gomoku Yakisoba with Ankake Sauce: 700 yen
Mapo Tofu Rice: 700 yen
Pork Cutlet Sandwich: 400 yen
One-handed Ham Sandwich: 200 yen
Lotteria Combo Set (natural potatoes, sausage roll, boneless "deka" chicken piece): 600 yen
Muffin: 360 yen
Kakigori Ice (Lemon, Strawberry, Blue Hawaii): 300 yen
Ice Cream: 300 yen
Beverages: 100-200 yen
and more
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