Starting December 1 (Wed.), 2010, "Invisible Garden" will be Released at the Laboratory for New Media as its 8th Exhibition.

Laboratory for New Media vol8

The Permanent Exhibition, "Laboratory for New Media," is an exhibition space that introduces the possibilities of expression using cutting-edge technology as it upgrades the exhibits approximately 3 times a year. In the 8th exhibition, we will exhibit works by Ms. Sachiko Kodama who has the unique career path of having switched to the field of Media Art after learning physics.
The main focus is "light" and "ferrofluid" (fluid that reacts to magnetic fields) invented at NASA. A spectacular atmosphere blossoming like a garden will be presented with works created by controlling forces such as magnetic waves and infrared rays that cannot be seen with your eyes alone.

Laboratory for New Media 8th Exhibition "Invisible Garden"

Term: December 1 (Wed.), 2010 - March 21 (Mon./Holiday), 2011

Exhibited Work

The exhibition is composed of 4 items of work that pursue new art expression with ferrofluid and 3 items of dynamic installation works using light.

Morpho Tower/Two Standing Spirals 2010 (c) Sachiko Kodama

"Bounching Star" Ball Project (c) Sachiko Kodama

Morpho Tower/Two Standing Spirals (2010)
Table shaped ferrofluid sculpture is presented. The smooth water surface covered with ferrofluid will rise in harmony with music and light and change its appearance.

Morpho Tower (2006 - present)
This is a desktop type ferrofluid sculpture. When the spiral tower is exposed to a magnetic field, the surrounding ferrofluid will turn into small thorns and climb the spiral.

Planet Series (2010)
A small work using a ferrofluid is presented. It will create a world like a closed planet by enclosing ferrofluid in glass.

Dynamic Light Wall (2009 - 2010)
This is a work that projects colorful light on the surface of the wall with a scale-shaped pattern.

"Bounching Star" Ball Project
It is an installation work using a special ball that incorporates a sensor. It actualizes a digital ball game by detecting the position and the condition of the ball and synchronizing the detected information with the images projected on the floor.

Sachiko Kodama (Artist, Associate Professor of Department of Human Communication, The University of Electro-Communications)
Ms. Kodama graduated from the Physics course in the Faculty of Science at Hokkaido University and completed the master's and doctoral program in Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba. In 2000, she released her media artwork which integrated ferrofluid. In addition to winning the grand prize for the interactive division of the Japan Media Art Festival, Ms. Kodama won numerous prizes in international and domestic competition. She continues to pioneer new fields of art expression.