Notice for the Suspension of the Symbol Exhibit "Geo-Cosmos"

Due to renovation, the symbol exhibit "Geo-Cosmos" will be suspended from October 27 (Wed.), 2010.

The spherical display "Geo-Cosmos" has conveyed scientific information in a realistic and understandable way as it has presented a visual representation of various data related to Earth's environment since the opening of the museum. Geo-Cosmos will be recreated as a symbol that collects and transmits information on sustainability held by various countries and research institutes of the world.

As the resolution degree has grown over 10 times better as the display method utilizing LEDs will change to the Organic Electroluminescence (Organic EL) medium, the system and the environment that relates to the projection will be newly developed and the quality and the contents will greatly be improved. In addition to this, a totally new mapping technology, AuthaGraph, will be adopted and the provision of web service with high accessibility will start.

* The new exhibition is scheduled to be released starting March 2011.

Symbol Exhibit "Geo-Cosmos" | ExhibitionNotice for the Closing and Suspension of the Partial Exhibition Area (from October 13, 2010)