The Number of Miraikan Visitors Reaches 7 Million People


A commemorative ceremony was held on September 3 (Fri.), at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation as it welcomed its 7 millionth visitor since the opening of the museum in 2001. The 7 millionth visitor was Ms. Akiko Ikegami (18 years old, university student) from Saitama prefecture.

At the commemoration ceremony, a certification for the 7 millionth visitor, flowers and Miraikan's original goods and a DORAEMON shaped cake, related to the currently held exhibition, "DORAEMON's Scientific Future," was presented by Executive Director Yoshikazu Nakashima.

Ms. Ikegami has visited Miraikan more than 10 times and on this day, she was visiting the museum with her friends. She mentioned how she found the Love Stories exhibition, which she saw when she was in junior high school, very impressive. The Executive Director expressed, "We have welcomed our 7 millionth visitor today in such a short period since we welcomed our 6 millionth visitor last year in October. We hope to transmit various events and information domestically and internationally as a science museum that continues to develop."