Starting from June 30 (Wed.), the Laboratory for New Media 7th Exhibition "Knock! Music - 4 theories of evolution from percussion through computers -" will be Released.

Photo by Jun Mitsuhashi

The 3rd floor Permanent Exhibition "Laboratory for New Media" is a space which introduces the possibility of expression using cutting-edge information technology presented through periodically upgraded exhibits.
This time, which will be the 7th such event, we will exhibit the works of Novmichi Tosa / Maywa Denki where he conducts performances with instruments he created himself.
The process of how various technologies developed, such as from the appearance of telegrams, invention of transistors, diffusion of computers, etc., will be experienced through the enjoyment of the live sounds of percussion and electronic instruments.

Laboratory for New Media 7th Exhibition "Knock! Music - 4 theories of evolution from percussion through computers -"

Term: June 30 (Wed.) - October 11 (Mon./Holiday), 2010

Exhibition Content

Knock! Music
Knock! Music
Knock! Music
Knock! Music

* Knock! Music Program
It is a program that allows visitors to learn about the evolution of technology and digital technology by following through 4 steps as you experience music.

STEP 1 The era of mechanical communications
Operate the percussion instrument as you connect the power with the "Knocker" (device which creates a beat with electromagnet) and the switch "Ton-Ton Kun."

STEP 2 The era of electronic communications
Operate the knocker as you combine various interesting switches such as a handmade switch made out of cardboard paper and aluminum foil.

STEP 3 The era of automatic machinery
Using the manual memory device "Elebeat" you will experience moving the knocker with an operational procedure (sequence) determined beforehand.

STEP 4 The computer era
It is played automatically by the "elebeat touch" that electronically substitutes the machinery sequence.

* Stage
Automatic performance and exhibition of various electronic instruments
"Knock! Music Instruments," "Otamatone," "KnockMan Family," etc.


Novmichi Tosa / Maywa Denki
Mr. Tosa was born in Hyogo prefecture in 1967. He formed the art unit "Maywa Denki" in 1993. He is known for conducting his activity in his unique ways, such as dressing in blue work clothes and calling his artworks "products" and his gigs "product demonstration." Starting with holding exhibitions and conducting live performances, their range of activity is quite varied.