Laboratory for New Media 6th Exhibition "Interface Technology of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" will be Open to the Public at the 3F "Information Science and Technology for Society" starting March 17 (Wed.).

Laboratory for New Media 6th Exhibition Interface Technology of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Permanent Exhibition "Laboratory for New Media" is a space which introduces the possibility of expression using cutting-edge information technology presented through periodically upgraded exhibits. This time, its 6th occurrence, we will exhibit a collection of work by Masahiko Inami (Professor of Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University).

Laboratory for New Media 6th Exhibition "Interface Technology of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

Term: March 17 (Wed.) - June 14 (Mon.), 2010
* The 5th Exhibition of "Sensory Circuit Collection" will end on March 1 (Mon.).

Exhibited work

Relative Motion Racing
Relative Motion Racing
Stop Motion Goggles
Stop Motion Goggles
SUI: Straw-like User Interface
SUI: Straw-like User Interface

- Augmented Coliseum- (2005)
This work allows you to participate in match games as the radio control car operates simultaneously with CG images shown from a projector.

- Relative Motion Racing - (2007)
A vehicle type robot will read the indicative images on the roads shown on the display and create a realistic sensation of driving. You can feel the sense of motion of the robot which is more dynamic than actually driving.

- Optical Camouflage - (1998)
This is a technology that optically camouflages the object. The image behind the object will be projected by a projector and cause the subject to become "invisible."

- Stop Motion Goggles - (2008)
With a built-in shutter repeating the motion of opening and closing at high speed, the displacement of the retinal image is minimized and dynamic vision is boosted. This is part of the selected work for the SIGGRAPH 2008, New Tech Demos.

- BYU-BYU-View - (2007)
This is a piece that actualizes telecommunication with the wind through the screen with another party located in a distant place. The manner of breathing is transmitted to the other party over that distance. This work has received the Excellence Prize in the art category of the 2007 Japan Media Arts Festival.

- Fur Display - (2009)
The hair stands or changes its flow the moment it is touched by human hands. Various expressions are possible using hair such as moments when cats respond to perceived threats.

- SUI: Straw-like User Interface - (2005)
The world's first device which allows you to experience the senses of inhaling as the pressure, vibration and sound of ingesting food is recreated.