Starting February 5, we will exhibit the "children" of silkworms that stayed in space.


Starting February 5 (Fri.), at the 5F exhibit site, "This is ISS, go ahead," we will exhibit the "children" that were born from the silkworm which traveled in the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" for approximately 3 months.

The space is filled with radiation. To investigate the effect that the space radiation has on organisms is also an important research project to support the requirement for people to live in space in the future. Last year, the silkworm eggs grew in the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" which floated 400 km above ground for 3 months for the experiment to investigate the influence which space radioactivity has on embryonic organisms.

At Miraikan, we will exhibit the silkworms that were born during a stay at the "Kibo" along with their parents and other silkworms that grew on earth. Please think about the relationship between the space environment and life as you look at these silkworms.

Term: February 5 (Fri.) - March 7 (Sun.), 2010 (The term of exhibition may be changed due to the growth of the silkworms.)
Venue: 5F, within the exhibition site of "This is ISS, go ahead"
Silkworms provided by: The Kinugasa-Kai Foundation