Laboratory for New Media 5th Exhibition "Sensory Circuit Collection" will be Open to the Public at the 3F "Information Science and Technology for Society" starting October 7 (Wed.).


The Permanent Exhibition "Laboratory for New Media" is a space which introduces the possibility of expression using cutting-edge information technology presented through periodically upgraded exhibits. At this event, its 5th occasion, we will exhibit the works of Hideyuki Ando and Junji Watanabe both of whom engage in the research of new interface technology which uses the remarkable mechanism of the human sensory system. The strength of the mysterious senses which viewers can feel from the exhibited works might become something that will predict a new way of connection with information technology.

Laboratory for New Media 5th Exhibition "Sensory Circuit Collection"

[Term] October 7 (Wed.), 2009 - February 8 (Mon.), 2010
* 4th Exhibition "The Smiley Transistors" will end on September 28 (Mon.).

Exhibited work

Circuit of "Saccade-based Display"

Circuit of "Touch the Invisibles"

Circuit of "Tricky Shadow"

<< Circuit of "Saccade-based Display" >>
This work is based on the theme of the visual sense. It is a display that projects 2-dimensional color images with single optical dot sequence using the ocular motion (saccade phenomenon) which humans do unconsciously. Viewers can see bright images only when eye movement takes place.

<< Circuit of "Moving Ultrasonic Speaker" >>
The work is based on the theme of the auditory sense. It features a speaker that creates an ultrasonic wave that vibrates various places within the space. You will be able to hear sounds from various places around you.

<< Circuit of "Touch the Invisibles" >>
The work is based on the theme of the tactile sense. In spite that a device is attached on the fingernail, the tactile sense will still be felt by the fingertip. You can still feel the bumpy sensation on the finger pad regardless of the vibration affecting the fingernail. This work has received the Excellence Prize in the art category of the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival.

<< Circuit of "Save Yourself !!!" >>
It is a work based on the theme of vestibular sensation (a sensation of acceleration and inclination that is perceived with the semicircular canal, etc). With weak electricity flowing to the semicircular canal, it makes it possible to control your sense of balance. You can virtually experience the shaking affecting a small doll that floats on the water.

<< Circuit of "Tricky Shadow" >>
This work is based on the theme of body sensation. It will capture your image in motion and present an image of your shadow within 1/100 of a second. This imagery creates the sensation that your body is being pulled by your own shadow.