Laboratory for New Media 4th Exhibition, "Ryota Kuwakubo: The Smiley Transisters," will be Released at the 3F "Information Science and Technology for Society," on May 20 (Wed.).

The Laboratory for New Media is an exhibition space that introduces the possibilities of expressions using cutting-edge information technology.
Exhibits are upgraded approximately 3 times a year. The 4th Exhibition will exhibit works that provide fun in our daily lives as they create new forms of communication. Through these works that apply information technology and mechatronics, we will ponder possible change in methods of communication as machines and devices stimulate human emotion.

Laboratory for New Media 4th Exhibition "The Smiley Transisters"

Term: May 20 (Wed.) - September 28 (Mon.), 2009

Exhibited work





A gadget shaped like two human eyeballs (a small mechanical device):
When you align the two eyeballs, they will start to blink and when you stick them to things around you, they create the feeling that those items have a "face."


How would people behave if they had tails? It is a work that revives the senses that humans once had by attaching a tail that responds to the movement of people.


Through this device, you will find out that the two players facing each other are actually playing the same game even though it seems like they are playing different games. It is a work that expresses the communication gap and the miscommunication between people who think they are seeing something different from what the other is seeing.


It is a device that mimics and repeats the rhythm you make when you hit the table with the sticks.

<<Heaven Seed>>(2000)

It is a ball that makes comical sounds, in sync with its movements, when you throw or roll it.


The face image on the screen will change along with the voice of the person who is talking. It is a TV phone that smiles no matter what you talk about.


It is an animation created by the 8x8 dot information. The digitalized numbers which have limited information can sometimes be expressive.

*Ryota Kuwakubo

Media Artist: He began creating artwork using electronics in 1998. As he keeps in mind the creation of works which are playable, he focuses on the phenomena which are likely seen on various borders such as those seen between digital and analog, humans and machines and the transmitter and the receiver of information.