Information on the sales of the "Amazonia Expo" beverages

Camu camu milk
Camu camu milk
Camu camu tea hot
Camu camu tea (hot)

During the holding of the "Amazonia Expo" beverages using the syrup from the Brazilian fruit "camu camu" will be sold at the 5F cafe.

●Camu camu shower (420 yen)
Camu camu fruit is mixed with soda.

●Camu camu milk (450 yen)
A tasty and appetizing drink of camu camu fruit layered with milk.

●Camu camu tea hot or iced (each 420 yen)
Camu camu fruit with tea. Enjoy its refreshing mint flavor.

Sales period: November 8, 2008 - January 12, 2009