Starting September 6 (Sat.), 2008, we will present Laboratory for New Media: The 2nd Exhibition "Kazuhiko Hachiya: It Could Be Magic" on the 3F "Information Science and Technology for Society."


The permanent exhibit, "Laboratory for New Media," presents cutting-edge information science and technology displayed in various artistic expressions as it is upgraded approximately three times a year. In the second exhibition titled "It Could Be Magic," media artist Kazuhiko Hachiya will exhibit examples of his work that have been presented for display following the theme of "vision." Using familiar technology, these creative expressions present a world which exists with us yet cannot be seen with the naked eye alone. As this exhibit offers surprises which seem completely magical, it causes you to feel new wonders and awakens your curiosity.

Laboratory for New Media 2th Exhibition "It Could Be Magic"

[Term] September 6 (Sat.), 2008 - January 6 (Tue.), 2009

Exhibited work

"Seeing is Believing" (1996)
Photo: Oshima Kunio

"Table of Colobockle" (2006)

"Seeing is Believing" (1996)
These lights, which blink randomly, present the diaries of many people collected through the Internet. The infrared rays within this project cannot be seen with the naked eye but, with a little trick, entries from the diaries appear and can be read.

Fairy Finder 03 "Table of Colobockle" (2006)
As a special coaster is moved and while the table is being watched, a dwarf will move around on the table.

Fairy Finder 04 "Mermaid in the Window" (2007)
When you stand in front of the water tank, the figure of a mermaid will appear.

Fairy Finder 05 "Feathered Friends" (2008)
When you look at the table under the basket through the mask, you can see birds flying out.

Kazuhiko Hachiya
Mr. Hachiya is a media artist. He is a graduate of the Faculty for Visual Communication Design, Kyushu Institute of Design (Currently Kyushu University Faculty of Design). He worked for a consulting company and started SMTV, a private TV station, as an art project. His works include functional devices such as the special communication tool series including the "Inter Dis-Communication Machine" and "Seeing is Believing," "AirBoard," a skateboard which comes with a jet engine, and the personal flight system "OpenSky." He is also the developer of the e-mail software application known as "PostPet."