Special Exhibition "The Science of Aliens:" Visitors Reached 100 Thousand People!

Special Exhibition "The Science of Aliens" held from March 20 (Thu./Holiday), 2008 reached 100 thousand people on May 14 (Wed.)!

The Alien Exhibition is an exhibition that looks at the possibility of extraterrestrial life from a scientific point of view. The Alien Exhibition, which was held with the title "The Science of Aliens" in London in 2005 has traveled to western countries such as France, Spain and the US, and has drawn approximately 600,000 people. It will be exhibited for its first time in Asia on this occasion.

Since its opening, many visitors from all walks of life have visited the museum everyday. At the event site, in order to have visitors further enjoy the exhibits, we have the science communicators of our museum conduct demonstrations of the "Mission Report" twice a day. It has become a very popular event where we get many participants each day.

Also, talk events on May 18 (Sun.) and 31 (Sat.) took place and various workshops are scheduled.
"The Science of Aliens" will be held until June 16 (Mon.). Please come visit.