Starting April 24 (Thu.), 2008, a New Exhibit, "Laboratory for New Media," will be Presented at the 3F "Information Science and Technology for Society."


Unlike regular exhibits, the Laboratory for New Media does not limit exhibition purposes since it is composed of a space constructed using a portable exhibition wall (media wall) that possesses highly versatile and innovative characteristics. It is designed with simplicity yet possesses amazing functionality that enables the free creation of new space as it can reflect visitor responses in addition to changing its layout and the exhibits based on changing visitor needs, and advanced information science and technology.On the occasion of the opening of the Laboratory for New Media, an exhibit titled "The Artistic Researchers: The 1st Exhibition" will be held from April 24 (Thu.) through August 31 (Sun.), 2008.We will introduce the world of "Device Art" created from the fusion of art, technology, and science that challenges the conventional foundation of traditional art.

The Artistic Researchers: The 1st Exhibition

[Term] April 24 (Thu.) - August 31 (Sun.), 2008
[Edited by] Hiroo Iwata (Professor of the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba)

[Exhibition Outline]

Laboratory for New Media
Exhibition Wall (Media Wall)
Morpho Towers - Two
Standing Spirals
2007 (c) Sachiko Kodama

Step 1: Introduction

We will introduce the principle of device art that unifies parts and technology with appropriate content without hiding it by taking optimal advantage of the characteristics of the materials which are used.

Step 2: Learning from the Artist (Exhibited piece)

You will get to actually experience a number of device art pieces. Also, the technical background and the purpose of a particular piece will be explained.

Step 3: Becoming the Artist (Demonstration/Workshop)

The technology used in the exhibits will be introduced through a demonstration provided by the science communicators of Miraikan. In addition to this, a participatory workshop that allows creative expression through the use of information technology will be held. (* The details of the workshop will be announced separately.)

Step 4: Linking with the Artist

By using a communication system that applies information technology, we will feedback the data of the exhibition area to the research activities.

Hideyuki Ando, Taro Maeda, Junji Watanabe (Saccade-based Display)
Masahiko Inami (RobotPHONE)
Hiroo Iwata (Floating Eye)
James Clar (3D Display Cube)
Ryota Kuwakubo (Vomoder)
Sachiko Kodama (Morpho Tower)
Novmichi Tosa(Knock! Music Program)
Kazuhiko Hachiya(Telescope for Viewing the Skies)