Admission is free for holders of a physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or mental disability certificate in compliance with laws and regulations, and for their caregivers (one person per certificate holder). Please show your certificate at the entrance. The entrance fee is free for the permanent exhibition, Dome Theater and special exhibition.

Information on Facilities

For wheelchair users

For visitors with impaired hearing

For visitors with impaired vision

For visitors with an infant

Multi-language services


First-aid office

Please ask a member of staff if you wish to visit the office.
Note: in case of emergency, we will tell you where the nearest hospital is and call an ambulance.


About the exhibits

The Museum has exhibits that can be enjoyed by people with disabilities. Please use the layout map, which includes information about the main exhibitions that we recommend seeing.
Exhibits for those with intellectual disabilities [PDF]
Exhibits for those with impaired vision [PDF]
Exhibits for those with impaired hearing [PDF]
Exhibits recommended for people using wheelchairs [PDF]
The exhibit floor also has science communicators and volunteers assigned to it. Feel free to contact them.