Outline of exhibition

″Visionaries Lab″ pays attention to the power of drawing a new vision and the innovation created from that vision.

Microbes actually are all around

In this exhibit, we focus on the microbes around us, in order to jointly consider future lifestyles in which microbes and human beings coexist and prosper.

A massive amount of invisible microbes exist in our surroundings, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoans. A diverse range of microbes inhabit our homes, our schools, and our own bodies as well, and they create their own unique ecosystems while maintaining a perfect balance.

Discover essential information about microbes and the importance of microbes to people, and experience how microbes inhabit our living environments via a full-scale living space and living plants. This exhibit presents ideas for enhancing the diversity of microbes, and hints for lifestyles that make coexisting with microbes possible.

Together, let us consider a vision for an ideal city where human beings coexist with microbes.

3F (Create your future)
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Highlights and details 

Coco in the room   Written by Shin Aoyama

This novel is a story of people of the future. You can enjoy it, imagining the scenes unfold through a daily life spent together with microbes.

coco in the room

The audio version of the story is available on YouTube.
*Japanese sound only, English subtitle