Outline of exhibition

″Visionaries Lab″ pays attention to the power of drawing a new vision and the innovation created from that vision.

Advancing ″neurointelligence″ Brain Observers and Creators

This exhibition has guests investigate the massive potential of the human brain through fresh insights from brain research and artificial intelligence (AI), which together provides new perspectives on intelligence.

Researchers have coined the term ″neurointelligence″ to describe a new research area that explores the roots of intelligence, examines the brain, and produces AI technologies from these discoveries. This exhibit allows guests to experience the latest methods in brain investigations, to work with AI, and experience leading research through both visual and hands-on experiences. How far can neurointelligence research expand the possibilities of humans and AI, and what visions of the future can be produced? Explore these topics together with researchers through an adventure into neurointelligence!

3F (Create your future)
Four areas allow guests to experience neurointelligence
Encounter cutting-edge research through images, objects, and hands-on interaction.
Explore the possibilities of humans and AI through hands-on activities such as drawing with robots