Outline of exhibition

"Visionaries Lab" pays attention to the power of drawing a new vision and the innovation created from that vision.

Visionaries Camp

The theme of "Visionaries Camp" is "Communication in 2030". Teams of "Visionaries", 15 to 25 years old youths selected as an award for excellence at the workshop, have created prototypes of ideas and tools to realize their vision. In addition, various data as a hint to imagine 2030 will be explained so that visitors can follow the process of the workshop. Then we will be able to review the communication and look back on the relationship with technology.

Visionaries have created exhibitions with the cooperation of researchers who give them scientific advice and creators who can realize ideas. "Team Kazoku" aims to maintain family ties beyond physical distances. "Team Conflict" advocates the society that deals with important issues while struggling with technology choices. "Team Par" asks the question philosophically whether the communication itself is perfect. All three teams are full of originality.

Please see visions of the future presented by young visionaries and imagine your communication in 10 years.

*This exhibition is temporarily closed for renovation. Thank you for your understanding.

3F (Create your future)
About one year from October 4, 2019
Step 1: Investigating 2030
Team Conflict "Life Assistance Store"
Visionaries Camp

Highlights and details 

The Making of "Visionaries Camp"