The AI reco! will take you on a tour of our permanent exhibitions.

You can share your impressions of the exhibition and answer simple questions about your personality with reco!. This can be found among the permanent exhibitions and at the entrances. reco! will recommend exhibitions for you based on your impressions and answers.

Cooperation : AI Technology Consortium

How to take part

Flow of trial

Sign up

Please go to the "Start reco!" terminal at the entrance of the 3F permanent exhibition area to sign up to take part in the trial.
Once you agree to take part and register your transport IC card, "reco!" will suggest some exhibitions to you.

View the exhibitions

Please experience the exhibitions, and touch the nearby "recommendation reco!" terminal.

  • The "recommendation reco!" terminals are located throughout the 3F and 5F permanent exhibition areas.
  • Please touch your registered IC card on each terminal.
  • You can also experience other exhibitions, as well as the recommended ones.

Finish the trial

You can review your trial at the "Goal reco!" terminal outside the 3F Gate.

Trial time

10:00-17:00 (please sign up by 16:00)

  • Please note that the sign up for the trial may end earlier depending on how busy it is on the day, etc.

Important points

  • You will need your train or bus (transport) IC card to take part in the trial. Please be sure to bring your IC card with you if you would like to take part in the trial.
  • Only the transport IC card's unique number will be read during the trial in order to identify participants (Personal information on the transport IC card will not be read.)

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology performed a demonstration experiment using reco! in a project adopted as part of Miraikan’s Civic Engagement Research (Open Lab). (After the experiment was completed, reco! became an exhibition service at Miraikan.)

See more about Open Lab’s gentle and friendly AI reco! (Available until Wednesday, March 31, 2021.)