In the future, when we will be unable to distinguish between the real world and the simulated world, what will be our view of nature and the world, and what questions will we find?

The computers that we created are now overflowing in the world, and the resolution and processing power of the world they create is exceeding the limits of human perception and intelligence. In the near future, the difference between original nature and computer-created nature will fade away, a "new nature" will appear for us in the future, and we will be unaware of the differences.
Imagine that the vast natures both inside and outside the computer are integrated, then think about how our view of nature and the world will change, and what questions we will find.

General Supervision and Art Direction

Ochiai Yoichi

Supervision Cooperation

Ito Asa, Kato Shinpei, Goto Masataka, Sugiyama Masashi, Nobori Daiyuu

Space Design



TASKO inc., TSUMURA KOGEI Co., Ltd., Hoedown Inc.

Contributing Artists

Ichijo Hikaru, SISYU, 16th Raku Family Head Raku Kichizaemon, YUKI TSUJI, Hagiwara Kei

Permanent Exhibition | Create your future

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