Björk Digital is an experimental VR project, a total merging of Björk’s music and cutting-edge technology that expands the musical experiment realm. The visitor is invited to explore Björk Digital – A new virtual reality project from the musician, alongside other collaborations with some of the finest filmmakers and programmers in the world.

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Björk is an artist constantly experimenting with new expressions both by working with acoustic instruments and her voice and by introducing cutting edge technology to her music and her unique universe. She believes that the latest VR technology can connect her and the audience intimately; in a different than CDs or live concerts could, it is a new type of private theatre that provides an appropriate sense of one on one solitude for you to experience music as never before. Björk’s “heartbreak saga” album “Vulnicura” was born from the extremely personal event that it is to break up with someone, and then turned that into VR for this exhibition, “Björk Digital” --an on-going project that explores the possibilities of VR and music.

This exhibition also allows you to interactively experience the multimedia album “Biophilia”; An album with songs turned into applications that is being used in the educational curriculum in Scandinavia, whose theme is the confluence of nature, music and technology. Additionally, 29 songs from Björk’s career have been remastered in 5.1ch sound especially for this exhibition. You can enjoy them in chronological order in the Cinema Room. Björk says “an artist’s work is to put soul into technology”. Having an unbroken view of how Björk has been interacting with the newest digital tools over the last 20 years places us in a position to witness a new endeavor. It provides you with the opportunity to take a look at the future of art, of the human species, and of technology.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)



Vulnicura VR is an exciting new digital hub where you can explore the virtual reality videos from Björk's most recent album. Once inside this world, users will be able to access Jesse Kanda’s Mouth Mantra, Stonemilker directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, and Notget by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.


©Santiago Felipe


Shot on location in Iceland by director Andrew Thomas Huang for VRSE works, Stonemilkerpresents Björk in a windswept 360 degree film performing the first track from her album Vulnicura.


©Andrew Thomas Huang


Directed by Jesse Kanda, Mouth Mantra transports the viewer to an extraordinary place: inside of Björk’s mouth as she sings the song from her album Vulnicura.


©Jesse Kanda


The Japan premiere of Björk´s Notget in VR, directed by Warren du Prees and Nick Thornton Jones. A digital moth giantess transforms victoriously in masks by James Merry




A hands-on educational space which showcases the innovative apps and custom made musical instruments from Björk's Biophilia, encouraging users to dive into an exploration of musicology, science and technology all at once: their physical forces, processes and structures.


©Santiago Felipe


A curated program of Björk’s extensive and groundbreaking music videos spanning her career thus far, remastered for a unique exhibition cinema experience.


©Santiago Felipe


Admission fees 2,500 yen(tax included, advance/door)

*Admission ticket will be needed for elementary school student or older.
*Timed, dated and numbered entry ticket(Except VR contents , exhibitions can be appreciated the entire day.)
*Admission ticket starts on sale at 10AM on Jun 11(Sat.) on Ticket PIA;
*VR content, the main exhibit is for 13years old and older.
*Preschooler can not enter.
*Separately, admission fees are be needed for Miraikan’s special exhibition, permanent exhibition and the Dome Theater.
*No artist appearance.

Advanced Ticket
Advanced tickets are sold by 21:00, the day before on Ticket PIA;

Tickets at the Door
If available, a limited number of tickets will be sold from 10:00 on the day at the entrance of the exhibition on the 7th floor.


“Björk Digital” Exhibition
VR in Music – 18 Days Experiment

Period 10:00-17:00, June 29(Wed.) – July 18(Mon.) , 2016
*Opening until 10PM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays(July 1(Fri.)-3(Sun.), July 8(Fri.)-10(Sun.)
Closed July 5(Tue.), 12(Tue.)
Venue Innovation Hall, 7st floor, Miraikan
Admission fees 2,500 yen(tax included)
Cosponsor National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
Cooperation Sony Music Japan International

Björk Digital Opening Party

To celebrate the opening of “Björk Digital” exhibition, she will DJ on Jun 29 (Wed.) and 30(Thu.) for the Premiere, her first DJ in Japan.



©Santiago Felipe

Date&Time Date: June 29(Wed.), 2016
Date: June 30(Tue.), 2016
Time: Doors open/performance begins at 19:30
(23:00closing scheduled)
Venue Symbol Zone, 1st floor, Miraikan
Admission fees 9,000 yen(tax included、numbered ticket)
*Admission ticket starts on sale at 10AM on Jun 11(Sat.) on Ticket PIA;
*DJ booth is set up on the floor. No higher stage will be set up. Let us notice in advance about the possibility which Björk’s appearance can not be seen.
*Björk appears only as DJ.
*Preschoolers will not be admitted.
*Separately, an admission ticket is needed for the "Björk Digital" exhibition
Cosponsor National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
Cooperation Sony Music Japan International

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