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Moon festival in Miraikan 2018

Image of the Moon screened on the globe-like display “Geo-Cosmos”

This year's full Harvest Moon will be visible on September 24 (Mon.). In the event, an image of the Moon captured by the lunar orbiter "Kaguya" will be screened on the Miraikan's symbol display the Geo-Cosmos. In addition, a theory suggesting that the Moon and the Earth have been formed in the repeated process of collision and unification with other celestial bodies will be introduced in the panel exhibition with the theme of "Collisions! The Formation of Heavenly Bodies".

1. Special Content Screening: "The Moon on the Geo-Cosmos"

An image of the Moon captured by the lunar orbiter Kaguya will be screened on the Geo-Cosmos, a spherical display with a diameter of approximately 6 meters. Visitors will enjoy viewing the Moon in the daytime, including its far side, which cannot be seen from the Earth.
Time: (1) 10:50, (2) 11:50, (3) 12:50, (4) 13:50, (5) 14:50, (6) 15:50; each session will take approx. 5 minutes.
Venue: Discover your Earth, 1~5F, Miraikan

2. Panel Exhibition: "Collisions! The Formation of Heavenly Bodies"

The image of a rabbit on the Moon's surface has been long recognized in Japan. A whale-like pattern has also been found on Pluto, which is far away from Earth. These are considered to be marks made through celestial body collisions occurring about 4 billion years ago. Does our Earth also bear marks of these collisions? In this exhibition visitors can learn the facts about the events surrounding the collisions of celestial bodies, which used to occur on a frequent basis within the solar system of the distant past, related not only to the Moon rabbits but also the birth of the Earth and its present global environment.
Venue: Permanent exhibition "Explore the frontiers," 5F, Miraikan

September 15 (Sat.) - September 24 (Mon.), 2018
1~5F, Miraikan
Entrance fee to Miraikan
TEL: 03-3570-9151

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