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Our Choice After The Disaster

Explosion in nuclear plant ©Fukushima Central Television/CNN

Six and half years ago, an earthquake of the greatest magnitude struck Japan. Society suffered unexpected situations, and the influence continues. However, society attention has been rapidly diminished.
We, Miraikan, believe that we should identify the outline of various risks that appeared and, as a society, we should properly prepare for their future return.

This exhibition focuses on the great tsunami and the nuclear accident. Firstly we discuss the seawalls along the bay area that became higher after the tsunami. We improved safety with those higher seawalls, but another risk arose. Let's think that what the best compromise is. Secondly, we show and discuss how we have been dealing with radioactive contamination. We ask you to pause a second to think whether you mind eating food product from radioactively contaminated land even the radioactivity level is not considerably high.

1 Introduction

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2 Preparing For the Great Tsunami

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3 Dealing with Radio Active Contamination

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Date and time
November 16 (Thu) - November 17 (Fri), 2017
In front of Cafe , 5F, Miraikan
How to participate
Feel free to stop by anytime during the opening hour
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

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